iPhone 8 Dummy With Rear Touch ID



A new image of the alleged iPhone 8 is circulating on the net, however, by looking at it, you can right away tell that itst is fake. The front of this iPhone 8 looks like the Galaxy S8, with subtle frames and top camera, with the center speaker. The back shows a dual vertical camera, along with the Apple logo and, above all, a kind of Home Button embedded to offer Touch ID feature.
This photograph has been around Twitter as if it were a reality. On this occasion we take off our hats before the comrades of iPhones who have shown us these photographs that we see in the headboard. Supposedly we would be faced with a prototype of what Apple has prepared for us this year, or not. Just look at that front is clear enough that something smells Android. Above all, the most painful thing is that not one picture of the panel has been shown in operation, since seeing the operating system would be decisive. On the other hand, the design of the front is simply horrible.


In the same third of cases, drilling for the rear LED flash catches our attention. However, we appreciate symmetry in most of the components, which could be an important hallmark of the Cupertino company.

However, the source has made it clear that it is a model, so do not rule out that it is a test unit, and there are different models in the inkwell, what do you think of this model?

(Source: Twitter)

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