iPhone 8 Leak Shows True Edge-To-Edge Display, More



New images appeared on the net that show some information about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 design, such as the full-screen front.. There are real wave of rumors that clearly indicate that the next Apple iPhone will have a large screen and without any doubts the location of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will change. In this case what we have is a drawing made in CAD, where you can see the front and the back of what would be the next iPhone model, the iPhone 8 that so many Apple users are waiting for.

The doubt that comes to mind when viewing the filtered image is the “circle” in the back where many think that the fingerprint sensor will be installed Apple. In this case it seems that the explanation to this circle is the place where the logo of the brand is located, and is that they do not usually use it for this type of diagrams made in CAD and for that reason can generate doubts. Obviously this is not officially confirmed and some of the rumors indicate that the sensor will come in the back, place in which many of us do not want for the simple convenience and custom of having the sensor up front.


We follow closely the whole process and the rumors that are coming to the network but the truth is that most of these indicate that the screen will be AMOLED for this iPhone 8, with the Touch ID sensor located in the bottom of the glass and them Will accompany the front camera, speaker and proximity sensors etc. In the back would be totally flat with the double camera in vertical to make the photos and the videos with the sensors in horizontal. They continue to leak and logically these may be true or not, despite this we have to be patient as there is a lot to launch this new model of iPhone.

(Source: @VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter])

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