iPhone 8 Mold And Diagram With Vertical Dual Cameras Leaked


iphone 8 diagram

As Apple continues to promote the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iOS ecosystem enthusiasts already study what Cupertino company reserves for the next top-of-the-line phone scheduled to see the light of day in September This year, for now known only as iPhone Edition (or iPhone 8, following the chronology of the line).

Little is known about the flagship of Apple itself, as well as the fact that the model will be related to the 10-year history of the iPhone family, and it was precisely in this silence of the company that the rumors began to populate around at an impressive speed .

Anyway, the latest leaks have brought more questions than answers to the iOS community, as the reported documents show a device with a different look from Apple’s paradigm, with vertically-allocated dual main camera and biometric reader transposed to the back of the phone , In the design that shared opinions.

After the latest photo of the cover that reinforces the camera’s unusual positioning, the alleged metal mold on the smartphone also corroborates everything we’ve seen so far in the latest leaks shared on a Chinese social network:


The photos also show the diagram of the iPhone 8, in addition to the space reserved for the fingerprint reader.

Of course it is still too early to bet with full conviction on this information, even because Apple keeps the iPhone’s birthday edition in total secrecy.

However, with more and more coincident leaks, it is likely that this, in fact, is the commercial design of the cell phone that is to come.

(source: @VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter])

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