iPhone 8 Rumored to Cost More Than $1,000



According to rumors, the next generation iPhone could exceed $1,000. The iPhone 8 will feature integrate an OLED display and other improvements such as increased memory and wireless charging capabilities and precisely these features may lead to a substantial increase in the price.

Currently the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB will cost $969 and exceeded the threshold of $ 1000 could lead to a significant further increase in prices.

The iPhone 8 would be stainless steel and the back of the device made of glass. The home button should be moved to the display. This technology, however, Apple had not yet finalized and still in work. The side buttons could also be omitted. The report also states that Apple is working with Lumentum to integrate a 3D sensor. This could be a face recognition, the 3D touch replaced or supplemented. In addition, the talk of a larger battery and a more powerful LTE chip.

Our source says Apple has been working with Lumentum (formed when JDS Uniphase split in 2014) on 3D-sensing technology for the new high-end phone. It remains unclear how the technology will be applied, however. It could be used to recognize the user’s face for authentication. It could also be used in the camera to provide better image resolution. It could even be used in some form of augmented reality application, according to our source.

The new iPhone is expected to bring important innovations in terms of both design and functionality: in addition to a completely new design, the Californian company could further change the Home button and decide to abandon all the physical buttons for volume, power and vibration, as well as a significantly more capacious battery. The iPhone 8 should also be characterized by one glass chassis with a stainless steel frame.

(Source: Fast Company)

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