It seems that Samsung would be more involved than we thought in the manufacture of the iPhone 8. Not only will it be involved in the manufacture and distribution of the screens, but also in the components related to them. There already has been rumors about the next Apple smartphone featuring a 4mm bezels and rear TouchID

If anything is to be recognized is the fact that Samsung has the entire market in terms of manufacturing OLED screens. In this case, Samsung Display, with a market share of 95%, is the only one in the world that manufactures OLED screens for mobile devices.

Apparently they will not only be responsible for providing Apple with OLED screens. In this case, they will also be in charge of the different drivers and chips needed for the screen to work.

Besides that, it will be who will be in charge of managing the supply of the four other Korean manufacturers. For example, System LSI will supply the display driver and the OLED screen chip.

Other companies involved are STEMCO and LG Innotek, which will provide the chips that connect the board to the printed circuit board. Such plate will be provided by Interflex, BH and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

iphone-8-schematics-001Given that it is an indisputable fact that Samsung will provide to Apple, in principle, 70,000 OLED screens, those who are not too fans of this company should be grateful to have a screen of this type to Samsung.

Such is the order that will make Apple that will assume 14% of the world production of OLED screens. Still, Sharp, LG, Japan Display and BOE are also preparing for such production to deal with the Korean giant. If so, they should fear for their reputation as the only provider of such screens.

What is clear is that we will see an iPhone 8 with OLED screen and that quality will be impressive for the user. Do you think these companies will be able to deal with Samsung?

(Source: @kksneakleaks [Twitter])

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