Samsung and Apple are probably the companies with better devices, and is that although the guys from Samsung use Android, unlike the Apple iOS, no one can deny that on a hardware level Samsung knows how to do very well. Devices, those of the two companies, which are probably the best design level, and obviously are the most copied by low-cost companies.

It is such the quality of Samsung hardware that it is well known that although both are competition, Samsung is one of the major manufacturers of the components of iPhones, in fact, Apple has always relied on Samsung for these to be the manufacturers of iPhones screen. And not just screens, many of the internal components also have the signature of Korean giant Samsung. And that is why before the forecast of new devices from Apple, it has just filtered that Samsung would be creating the largest manufacturing plant for OLED screens. After the jump we give you all the details.

The funny thing is that apparently Apple is not clear whether to rely solely on Samsung for the screens of their next devices, ultimately depending on a single provider is quite risky and especially when this in addition is also direct competition. That is why Apple would have initiated contacts with Sharp and LG to supply Samsung, but the latter want to be prepared and have invested more than 20 billion US dollars for the creation of this OLED panel plant.

A plant capable of manufacturing up to 270,000 panels per month so they could supply the great demand of Apple without problems. Now only has to see the response of Apple, we will know little about the subject until the new devices are introduced.

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