iPhone 8 To Have Battery Capacity Like The Current iPhone 7 Plus



With the new iPhone 8, Apple is going to have to do bobbin lace because if rumors are confirmed, the smartphone will be more Small than the current one, although it will keep the same screen size. The battery is one of the most relevant aspects in current smartphones and yet one of the elements that has evolved the least in recent years. Companies try to squeeze out as much space as possible from their devices to fit the largest battery possible.

However it seems that there is a way to include the same battery of the iPhone 7 Plus in a device the same size as an iPhone 7.

In fact, because the frames of the next iPhone 8 will be reduced to maximum, the size of the model of 5.5 inches will be virtually identical to the current iPhone 7, whose screen is only 4.7 inches. This means less space for components, and between them is the battery. How will Apple get a 2700 mAh battery in a device of that size? Changing the way the internal components of the phone are placed. Apple will change to a “stacked” layout of its components, so that what now occupies 1/3 of the surface of the smartphone occupy only 1/6, leaving more space to the battery.


How to reduce both the space occupied by the components? Using multiple layers of circuits. What is now placed in a single layer can be halved if we split it in two. In this way we can use a battery in “L” with greater capacity. If we join this OLED screen will be more efficient than the current LCD, and it is also rumored that the iPhone 8 will have fast charging and charging by induction, it seems that the battery is going to be a point that Apple is going to take care of in its next iPhone.

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