iPhone 8

iPhone 8

On the iPhone 8 or iPhone of the tenth anniversary we have already read many, one of which will use a glass case, something that seems to confirm a latest rumor spread by DigiTimes that ensures that Apple will use a stainless steel bezel on the smartphone that will launch Within about eight months.

Apple’s latest designs have been marked by a metallic finish, which we have seen in different colors, as always presided over by the Apple apple on its back. The iPhone 4 was one of the last terminals of the brand that relied on the glass for its finish, a crystal that could be perfectly seen on the back of the phone, giving it an even more exclusive finish. Some months ago we knew that the iPhone 8 might have more in common with the iPhone 4 in terms of its design than with the iPhone 7.

DigiTimes is a website that provides a lot of information about Apple’s plans before they are produced, but this has been made possible because of the amount of publications it makes, that is, it publishes any rumors that reach its ears. This time, quoting Taiwanese sources, says that Apple will not place orders to Foxconn for this component of the case, but Jabil will be made of stainless steel, a material that is already available in the “normal” model of the Apple Watch.

If we look back, to 2011 to be more accurate, the latest iPhone to include a stainless steel component was the iPhone 4S, a device that had the front and back glass. Starting a year later, coinciding with the iPhone 5, the Cupertino decided on aluminum for the housings of their smartphone. Aluminum is also present on the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple Watch Sport. Of course, they changed the alloy to the 7000 Series after the iPhone 6 Bendgate.

The steel that would include the iPhone 8 would not be the same as the iPhone 4S. The forged is a machine-made method that compresses an alloy up to half, which brings more rigidity and malleability, something important if we consider that one of the rumors claimed that the iPhone 8 would have a more rounded design than the iPhone 7 .

At the moment, all this information is only part of a rumor that has published a medium that publishes everything, but Mak Otakara, a much more reliable medium, agrees that Apple will use stainless steel and non-aluminum part of the iPhone Will present this year.

(Source: DigiTimes [Google Translate])

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