iPhone A5 processor Overheating problems caused a delay on release?


Apple A5 processor overheating issues brought about a prolong on  iPhone 5 unencumber, anticipated to begin this summer time and pushed again and fall. Amongst them, there was so much mentioned a brand new agenda for overloaded the present 12 months with the discharge of the iPad 2 in March, Mac OS X Lion this summer season and iOS 5 for the beginning, now not together with the renewal of MacBook, MacBook Air and Mac Mini (to alter Despite the fact that minimal, however nonetheless …) anticipated in just a few days or even weeks.


Today the Chinese website Sohu.com advance a reason for the delay marketing of the iPhone 5: the A5 processor. The problem does not lie in the realization of the chip by Samsung (it is already in the iPad 2) in reality the concern comes rather from the heat dissipation of semiconductor particularly sought.  The chip is named above Sizeable (two times larger than the chip A4), and it appears that the promiscuity of other components in the iPhone 5 prototypes have raised the temperature in the housing, so too much under optimal temperatures. The processor double heart 45nm would not be able to stay comfortably cool.

But the site goes even further: this technical problem would have caused such a mess that Apple even planning to wait until 2012, under duress to sell the famous iPhone 4S (that this rumor we had  missed …). Note that the processor A6 which is assumed to be produced by TSMC (Apple taking the distance from Samsung in recent months) will solve many problems of overheating being engraved in 28 nm.

Finally, the site from an iPhone 4S firmly on the new list contained all the rumors related to the famous Smartphone 4S: dual-core processor (single-core variant of the A4), an 8-megapixel photo sensor, and … support for 4G, which is by no means certain.

As usual, all these data are only rumors to take with pliers and tool boxes de rigueur!

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