New document by way of 9to5Mac found iOS 5.1 references to a new iPod touch. This is an internal build of iOS 5.1, which is not freely available. The current iPod touch has codenamed iPod4, 1 while in the code, there is a iPod5, 1. It would be high time that a new Apple iPod touch is delivered, because the last update was in September 2010. Last October, Apple expanded its range, although with a white iPod touch, but it was technically identical to its predecessor.

Apple reduced the price of the iPod touch last year, but in the field of iPods that year there was little news to report. The A4 chip that are still in the iPod touch is used, could be replaced to make the device suitable for playing graphic games.Further sources of iOS 5.1 also report that a new iPhone is internally tested
to see 1 GB of RAM and a modified version of the A5X processor already in the latest iPhone is used. The internal test model is still only a prototype and there is therefore little to distract from the housing.


The prototype still looks like the iPhone 4S, but Apple has a habit of multiple teams to improved hardware to test, so the team is busy with the internal components only at the last moment know what the design team has devised.


If you still have questions regarding iPhone A5X chip and new iPod touch 5.1 references found in iOS 5.1 code,

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