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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Airpods Charging Case Battery Drain? Here’s A Possible Fix!

Many users have complained about the limited independence of the Airpods charging case and protection of headphones and they contacted Apple for service and its replacement. One of the most successful...

Review: AirPods Apple’s best product of 2016

The AirPods have been compared to intentionally toothbrushes, golf clubs, hair, clipped earpods and all sorts of other things. Apple wireless earbuds call rather strong reactions. The new AirPods, apparently, might...

Mophie launches new Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7, 7 Plus Wireless Charging...

Mophie has released the new Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7:07 Plus, a battery / cover able to extend the range of Apple's top of the range. Specifically, the iPhone battery...

Apple AirPods Will Not Be Available Until January 2017

One of the questions asked in the Apple community is the release date of Apple AirPods. After suffering a delay in the release date, it seems that new models of earphones will...

Make Your iPhone 7 look like an exploded Galaxy Note 7 With Explo-Sung case

If you own the iPhone 7, now is the time to put a case to avoid occasional accident. A world, that of cases ranging from large carcasses anti impact, decals that...

Google releases new Cardboard SDK + VR View for iOS & web developers

Google published a blog entry announcing a new Cardboard SDK and the launch of what called "VR view" which content developers can embed in web pages and iOS developers to create native...

How to add physical Android buttons style to your iPhone

The iPhone is missing two hardware buttons found on many Android phones, thanks to which you can go back or confirm an operation. Now, thanks to the film AERB Smart iPhone,...

Apple Official Released An iPhone 6/ 6s Smart Battery Case

  The iPhone is a good smartphone but not when it comes to its battery consumption. Battery has always been one of the points criticized iPhones, considering this insufficient in most cases....

OnePlus Releases cases for iPhone 6s / 6

For several hours now, One Plus made available cases for the iPhone 6s / 6 to purchase on the official website of the brand, a new product that has surprised and...

Apple (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Leather Case Available

In several Apple Store,  you can already find the (PRODUCT) RED line leather cases.In addition of the App Store collaboration with supercell, on the occasion of World Day against AIDS, Apple...

Review: Curve waterproof and shock resistenant iPhone 6s case

Love Mei Curve is a case intended for everyone who wants an extreme protection of their smartphones, meaning giving up the fineness look of the Apple iPhone. This is a good iPhone...

SanDisk iXpand: External Storage For iPad And iPhone

iXpand idea of ​​SanDisk flash drive is very simple. It's basically a USB storage miniature has a Lightning connector and is all you need for the expansion of storage on your...

Mophie Launches A New Juice Pack H2Pro Case For iPhone 6

One of the improvements that all users would ask for each launch of an iPhone is the ability of the case to be waterproof. Before the arrival of the iPhone 6, several...

This case will transform iPhone 6 Plus into a Game Boy

The Smart Boy is a type of cover that attaches to iPhone 6 Plus and turns it into a Game Boy. To play  games, however, you must have the cartridges. You'll have...