iPhone Air: must the subsequent iPhone seem like this?


In case you're a dressmaker, you need to use your creativeness run wild and express how the Apple iPhone do you think there really should look like. You do not take it into account that there are a variety of battery and other components have to fit. Shown here 'iPhone Air "appeared on Razorianfly.



For many people it is hard to imagine how the next generation iPhone could look like. Especially the rumor that the iPhone downward tapering is difficult to visualize. The mockups so far been published, do not look very nice. That it can be true at all by design, these designs show. The 'iPhone Air' was coined by Italian designers who are not employed by Apple and therefore with no restrictions faced. 


One thing is certain though: the next iPhone will be thinner . Based on this information, and drawing on the MacBook Air, the Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, developed the concept of the iPhone Air. Larger screen than the current one, slim design and available in white and black.Whether it is technically feasible, two questions. But would you like to buy some  iPhone Air, as Apple d
oes?[Via Ciccarese Design ]


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