iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue to outsell Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge


Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-vs-iPhone-6-PlusAfter last year’ failure,  sales of Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 new Edge models have entered the market with force and come dangerously close to the Apple iPhone.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal today, in the first three weeks leading two models of Galaxy S6 for sale (since April 10), Samsung has sold 10 million devices to their distributors and retailers, and about 6 million that total is in the hands of end users, according to data from Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

This data allows the new model Galaxy far exceed its predecessor, but still far from the figures of iPhone 6 Apple, although the source did not disclose the number of devices that the apple company sold in April.

The smartphonede most successful moment is the iPhone 6 Apple Plus, who despite going on sale eight months ago, remains popular. Remember that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was Apple’s first foray into mobile big screen and have been particularly popular with Asian consumers.

For its part, Samsung told investors this spring it expected to sell about three devices for each device Galaxy Galaxy S6 S6 Edge. In contrast, demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge has exceeded expectations, so the department head of Samsung Mobile, K Shin, announced the acceleration in the pace of production of this model to meet demand.

Samsung boasts curved screen technology of its S6 Edge, but it is precisely this system that causes more problems Samsung to mass produce the device. This has crippled the ability of Samsung to transform the success of his phone received good reviews after its introduction in March-in sales.

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