iPhone App PayUpSucker contains hidden tethering feature


There are lots of apps that get an replace for iOS 5. PayUpSuckr, an app that lets you capture that money credits have also performed an update. Developer Rob Thomas stopped immediately an easter egg in: the ability to use tethering. There is a chance that Apple costing $.99 app quickly removes.



At first glance, a simple app PayUpSucker money to lend. You fill in or you have some money to pay your credit or money from someone and you immediately about Twittering, thanks to the integration of iOS 5 with Twitter. Rob has a bone to pick with Apple on a number of points and therefore decided to emoji and tethering function app to build.

Do you have an unlimited data bundle on your iPhone, it’s unfortunate that you’re not on your iPhone or laptop. With an Easter egg and it works: Open a new message, tap “Its my data” and the app makes tethering is activated. The site Funky Space Monkey has instructions on how to set it up. But first check the terms and conditions as your mobile subscription or tethering is allowed and if your data bundle (actual) unlimited.

Disclaimer: We have not tested the iPhone app itself.

Download: PayUpSucker ($0.99)

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