Automatic iPhone App for Smart Cars


Hey, drivers! This is the killer iPhone 5 accessory you’ve been waiting for – an easy way to get at the computer that lies at the heart of all modern cars. It’s called Automatic, and it makes your dumb car smarter. It’s a two part system, comprised of an iPhone app and a small piece of hardware that connects to your post 1996 car’s ODB-II Data Link Connector.

Automatic makes your car smarter by giving your phone easy access to the data that’s usually only available by mechanics and their specialist gear. You’re able to see fuel, mileage and engine information on your iPhone with the app, which is plugged into other data sources like Google Maps, GPS and Yelp in order to provide comprehensive auto information.
For example, each trip you take will be automatically recorded – you’ll see when and where you went, how much fuel you used, your fuel mileage, where you got more fuel, and how much it all cost. The app also watches for certain behaviours that the Department of Energy has deemed as likely to worsen your fuel mileage – hard stops, quick starts and speeding. Whenever Automatic detects one of those behaviours, it’ll make a soft ding to alert you and dock your fuel efficiency score accordingly. By comparing you to last week’s stats, you’re gently encouraged to change your habits and reap the rewards in fuel efficiency.
The app additionally offers you get entry to to engine alert codes that on a regular basis require a mechanic and their professional gear – you can see at a look what code has come up, what it method and what you will have to do about it. If it is nothing you could flip off the sunshine your self, but when it is critical you will see mechanics within the house with rankings from Yelp.
The app additionally comprises crash detection. If it reckons you’ve gotten been hit, it will robotically name 911 with important points of your crash after which a chosen member of the family. After all, that you could cancel these sooner than they occur if it can be a false alarm.
All of that is set to simply value $70, with out a month-to-month charges – no longer dangerous in any respect! Automated shall be launching in May just, so preserve an eye fixed out for it.

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