To start with was once song and determine with the well-liked iPhone app Shazam totally free. In November 2009, the paid version Shazam Encore out, and bought the free version a limit for 5 songs recognizing a month. This concept has now been overturned. After a latest replace, customers of the free model of Shazam’s track acceptance once more indefinitely. In return for the free model with commercials.


Users of the paid Encore Shazam are not faced with the ads.Moreover, they include the lyrics to songs and read along while requesting a song plays.

Part of the business model consists of Shazam linking to music for sale. This is called an affiliate link through which the iron-service money. Director Andrew Fisher explains why it is useful to them for the free version of Shazam back indefinitely to tag:

“Shazamers tagging more than one billion songs each year and have been for more than $100 million to buy digital music through our service. Now there are no limits anymore, people can identify with Shazam more songs and buy them. “

It smooths the service now, of course, money for the ads that are displayed in the application.For us users it is not very: we can now choose between two apps to free unlimited music to tag along: Sound Hound and Shazam.

Download: Shazam (free)

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