iPhone Application: Tap Tap Glee now in the App Store


An iPhone recreation on the hit sequence Glee seemed within the App Retailer.The sport brings collectively the songs that have been sung in this system and let the beat on the reveal meetappen. The simpler you do that, the upper your ranking will sooner or later be. Developer Tapulous has in the past been a bunch of different song video games launched: Tap Tap Revenge was ever launched a game platform for music, but soon began the game maker to give specific bands such as   and Coldplay .



The game contains fifty songs and in-app purchasing, three of which are free to download. Every day there is a single random number for free. Numbers cost 79 cents, but also to buy credits, an in-game currency you earn by the example app with your Facebook account to link.

By a song to play as best you gather a higher score. At the end of a track you also get to see how accurate you were and exactly how much you notes after each other be successful. Do you have a friend who has the game, you can him or her through the app to challenge a higher score.

In the television viewer follows a group of high school students who are a singing club. The series quickly turns into a musical, with covers of some famous pop songs. A success, if we are to believe the numbers, the program was viewed by millions worldwide and even managed a number of Emmys in drag.

Download: Tap Tap Glee (iTunes link)


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