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Various iPhone apps reviewed and worth to be downloaded. Here, you will find a list of the best apps for iPhone

BiteSMS 6.3 update brings new features

Developer of the popular alternative messages on jailbroken iPhone on iPhone BiteSMS announced a new stable version.

Handwriting allows to search Google with handwritten text on iPhone and iPad

Google has just added a new functionality its mobile search engine. This new feature called handwriting, makes it possible to write your query.

iWork apps get updates due Mountain Lion’s iCloud

Apple's iWork apps; Pages, Numbers and Keynote got all three updates for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, icloud in

Path 2.5 New Version Brings Improved Camera, More

One of the most visually appealing Social Networks app for iPhone goes into the next round. For a few hours, path 2.5 version was found in App Store

Apple’s Podcast app Updated to solve bugs

Apple introduced a loose Podcasts application for easier access to hundreds of thousands of audio and video podcasts from the iTunes Store are offered

Viber for iOS gets background, group messaging, New Voice Engine

Viber is a VoIP ios app, avaialble since 2010 in the App Store. Group Calling is a new feature that is integrated with the new update release today.

Microsoft job listing hints iOS Office apps

Microsoft is planning a version of its Office suite for Apple's iOS devices? Corresponding rumors for quite some time, and in May it was said that Office

App Store outage for many across the world

If you are planning to install new apps or update your existing app collection, it is important wait until the App Store bug preventing access

Google Acquired The Mac/iOS Email Client Sparrow

Google announced today that the Sparrow has taken over, known from the same e-mail apps for OS X and iOS. The Sparrow-business blog

Chrome for iPhone has 1.4% of market share among iOS users

Last month, Google announced the Chrome browser for iOS devices. Chrome on the desktop is immensely popular, but the iPhone version

The iPad Controls Xbox 360 With My Xbox Live App

In addition to Office 2013, a new version of Xbox Live app appeared. The Xbox Live app is now avaialble for the iPad

Facebook released SDK 3.0 beta with iOS 6 feature integration

Facebook today released a beta version of the SDK 3.0 for IOS. It is the biggest update ever and it includes features the iOS 6 Facebook integration

Readability for iOS updated: faster sync time, improves article discovery, UI, and performance

Following Instapaper, now there is the service Readability with a social element. What both apps now have in common is that you can read

App Store to have Food & Drink new category

Apple is going in the coming weeks will be adding the 'Food & Drink' category to the App Store, apps that will offered help with cooking