The Developer Ryan Petrich making ready a brand new tweak as a way to pride homeowners iPad and iPhone no longer wish to purchase reproduction video games and purposes App store when it is not Universal apps .

Can iPad have the function x2 to magnify all the iPhone apps on the screen, but we all have found that the implementation can not in any way to confer the Retina display graphics. The result is usually disappointing in the graphics presented pixeliasmena (sic).

The solution so far was to use the Fullforce(Cydia) which does not support all the iPhone apps and games. The Petrich developed a better method which uses the Retina display graphics for the iPhone 4and the latest generation iPod Touch , the screen of the iPad .

  Retina_mode FullForce-Transforms-iPhone-apps-to-full-screen-iPad-size

Since the release tweak and work as they should not need to buy 2 versions of the same game (iPhone and iPad) but only that of the iPhone and tweak will ensure that the transfer of the same quality and screen iPad.

As a proof-of-concept, the developer has published the following screenshot of the iPad Doodle Jump to:


The Doodle Jump support Retina display on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th gen , but notavailable as iPad APP . However, after the tweak Petrich observe that the transfer of the iPad is most excellent with vibrant graphics, high quality!

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