iPhone Battery Issue not a Hardware Problem


We have been already yes that the battery issues of the iPhone 4S not hardware related: several users of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 said both the same problem to have after the update to iOS 5 . A test of the site ZDNet shows that the problem with specific versions of IOS five pl
ays: After a developer's iPhone 4S was a backup who was suffering from the battery problem, he installed a backup iPhone 4S with no problems. 


The result is that the battery problems after copying had been transferred. ZDNet's used for the test twice a tester at the same time purchased iPhone 4S. This would be about the same battery lodges are using. Both iPhones have installed other apps and other settings on and off. have turned them both IOS 5.0.1 and were connected to the same cellular network. One iPhone by the tester to test apps, while the other was used for daily use. It was the private iPhone suffered from battery problems.

To see how the problem has to do with iOS 5, the tester made a backup of both iPhones. Then he brought two devices back to factory settings and closed them on iTunes to restore the backup. Instead of the backups to restore to the original iPhones, but he changed it to: so he installed the back of his iPhone on his private testing iPhone and vice versa. The battery problems seemed hereinafter also been switched, are testing iPhone was now experiencing the battery problems.

The result is remarkable, but beware: the test is to just two iPhones look. To achieve a fully informed conclusion as to ZDNet says the test multiple iPhones to want to perform. They have at the moment not yet the means.

Shortly after Apple iOS 5 and iPhone 4S released stories appeared reduced battery lifeIn November Apple released a software update for some of the problems rectified, but many said the battery issue still bothered . Apple is looking for new solutions .


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