iPhone 6s camera to possibly get 12 MP Sony sensor



There are few rumors about the new iPhone camera 6s (or iPhone in July, as some analysts say). They are all unanimous about the number of megapixels mount the next generation phone bitten apple and it seems that the next iPhone will come with 12 megapixels. The latest rumor says that Apple will use a special sensor Sony to improve the quality of photos in low light conditions.

Kevin Wang, IHS Thechnology told us something that worried us some iPhone users: according to the director of Chinese research, the iPhone 6s would like the size of the pixels of the camera would be reduced, which would negatively impact on pictures in low light. No point the other information you gave us, also ensuring that the iPhone 6s reach 12 megapixels, if quality is lost where most needed him to phones inteligentes.Son all rumors, but today seems to calm a bit users who thought the iPhone photos 6s would get injured, ensuring that Apple will use a technology called Sony RGBW processing.

This technology adds a white to standard RGB sub-pixel, thereby improving image quality to compensate for the size of the smaller pixels. It seems that Apple planned to use this technology in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but decided to wait a year to make sure Sony technology meets the quality provide the Cupertino expect on an iPhone.

The other rumor that does not seem to gain strength with the passage of time is a camera with two lenses. Although we have seen the first picture of this supposed iPhone 6s rose gold color, it is more likely that this picture is a fake, but only time will tell.

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