Now that Verizon can market the iPhone, it's not going to deprive know. iPhone CDMA made the front of its site , and the operator should not skimp on advertising and various communication operations.

Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufman, believes that promoting CDMA iPhone will be at the expense of the Android smartphones . The range of smartphones from Verizon is fairly small (unlike AT & T, which sells more smartphones than its competitor), and the operator proceeds in cycles strong enough: 2009 was the year BlackBerry 2010 was the Droid year, 2011 could be the year iPhone. In the same way that the range Droid has led to a sharp decline in the share of sales of the BlackBerry (now less than 20% of smartphone sales at Verizon), the iPhone could significantly reduce the growth of Android, Verizon, or even lead
to lower sales Androphones.

Katy Huberty, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, is preparing for that Apple now invest in other markets using CDMA, such as China (China Telecom's network) and India (Reliance network) . These two markets represent about 200 million potential customers with additional operators in fast-growing China Telecom is the third mobile operator in China but it has the CDMA network the fastest growing in the world. It should nevertheless have to wait for the next generation iPhone for this: the iPhone uses the existing CDMA CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A on 850 and 1900 MHz bands, while C
hina Telecom for example, uses the bands 800 and 2100 MHz and passes gradually with EV-DO Rev.

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