Because of just right gross sales of the iPhone made within the remaining quarter (14.1 million cell phones have been bought), Apple has simply handed the Canadian firm Analysis In Movement, which has handed "simplest" 12.1 million BlackBerry.


This good score, also allows Apple to take second place from RIM on the smartphone market, which represents 77.1 million mobiles sold in last quarter. The iPhone represents 18.4% of the market and "only" 16.1% for RIM. Nokia is still before but lost 3.4 points from the previous quarter.

This difference between RIM and Apple could be explained by limited experience on the part of RIM in touch screens. With Storm and the Torch (which combines a touch screen and a physical keyboard), the BlackBerry could again tailgating Apple (with estimated sales of between 13.8 million 14.4 million) unless Apple comes out with a new smartphone.

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