iPhone firmware 3.2 Reference in iPad FileSystem


 The iPad is infrequently on hand, as Boy Genius File, we post an enchanting discovery on firmware three.2. Via digging into the file device of the iPad they’ve discovered the next references:



iFPGA (unknown)

iPad1, 1 = v1 iPad (to be had now)

iPhone = iPhone 1.1 Facet

iphone 1.2 iPhone 3G =

iphone 2.1 iPhone 3G =

iphone three.1 iphone 4th G = v1?

iphone three.2 iphone 4th G = v2?

iphone three.three iphone 4th G = v3?

Ipod iPod Contact v1 = 1.1

Ipod iPod Contact v2 = 2.1

iPod 2.2 = (unknown?)

iPod iPod Contact three.1 = v3

iPod4, 1 = 4th G iPod Contact

iProd2, 1 = iPad (iPad 3G variation or V2)

Be aware that as a rule, have been found out when new fashions within the plist information, Apple launched new gadgets. We predict three new iPhone fashions this summer season 4G, fourth technology iPod for September and a brand new iPad in advance until the 3G adaptation is referenced in a different way!


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