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iPhone HD Pictures Leaked & Rumors Before the keynote


The keynote used to be very shut, and the announcement of latest merchandise from Apple too!&#a hundred and sixty;For a couple of months, and much more in latest weeks a couple of rumors on the web. &#a hundred and sixty;

iPhone 4G/HD:

&#a hundred and sixty;&#a hundred and sixty;04-19-10iphone4 


Since the discovery of the prototype of the next iPhone, and Apple's various statements in this regard, it has become clear that a new model of iPhone will be announced at the event.

These prototypes already allow us to speculate on the components of the final version of the device:

  • Processor A4 (the same team that currently iPad)
  • Resolution 960 * 640
  • A camera with a resolution of 5 megapixel camera with flash LED
  • Front camera
  • Video 720p
  • 256 or 512MB of RAM

Firmware 4.0



On this point there is no doubt possible! This firmware introduced last April 8 is currently the fourth beta. It includes new features such as multitasking (for the iPhone 3G and iPhone V4), the ability to group applications into folders, better manage pictures and videos … 

For the iPad, firmware 4.0 is not expected before autumn 2010.

Videoconferencing / Video Chat:



Claimed by many users, it seems has finally decided to add this feature. The front camera found on the various prototypes and the many clues found in the beta SDK 4.0 leaves no doubt.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 and Safari 5:



According to a source site, version 10.6.4 Mac OS and Safari 5 should be available during this event.

For Mac OS 10.6.4, beta versions are repeated at great pace in recent weeks, a sign of imminent availability to the public. This new version would correct most bugs, including one for users of Adobe CS3 suite.


Regarding Safari 5, there are numerous new features. Here is a partial list:

  • Safari Reader , which extracts all the useful content to improve readability.
  • Performance increase of 25% for the javascript
  • Improved support for HTML5
  • The links will open in a new tab instead of a separate window
  • When searching in the address bar, the browser will display the links stored in your bookmarks and history in the present as in other browsers.
  • Private Browsing should be highlighted with an icon
  • to switch between the window and the Top Sites of history will be more practical
  • Improved engine for caching
  • Bing arrives in the list of search engines
  • Hardware Acceleration (Windows only)



A new Apple TV:



According to rumors, Apple're considering hard on a who
le new generation of Apple TV.
 According to Engadget the future pattern has been described by some sources as an "iPhone without a screen. Clearly, an ultra-compact and connectivity to the reduced power jack and video output. Its storage capacity would also be reduced to around 16 GB The new Apple TV abandon Mac OS X iPhone OS 4 and the same ha
rdware architecture as the next iPhone and iPad, a processor and A4.
 No word on the possible use of iPhone OS applications. The Apple TV Is selling $ 99 (currently the Apple TV is selling $ 229 – 269 € – 160 GB).

However, other rumors contradict his announcement at the WWDC.

Mac Pro and MacBook Air:



The MacBook Air, the thi
nnest computer in the world, has suffered more major update in over a year.
 The very recent release of new Intel Core i5 low consumption would be an opportunity for Apple to update its line of computers.

Like the MacBook Air, Mac Pro has more, no
more, suffered major update in over a year.
 The WWDC and the presence of many developers, could push the company to offer a new generation of Mac Pro, features revised upwards and the latest generation Intel processors.

What else:

  • iTunes 10: With the closure of the Lala music streaming, and recording of iTunes Live as a brand reserved, it could be that iTunes.com be announced at the conference. This new service operates surment service in the new version of iTunes.
  • iLife and iWork 10: Each year, the iLife suite for Mac OS X (iPhoto, GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie) and the iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) have a major update.Why not Monday?
  • MobileMe become free.

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