iPhone Home Button broken? Try this process again!


That is standard downside when the iPhone Dwelling Button does now not reply after many clicks. I already endure from a faltering week residence button. And that’s moderately irritating, as a result of from an app again to the House reveal is unexpectedly now not that you can imagine. Multitasking is now not that you can imagine, since the house button twice does no longer acknowledge. Inquired with Apple used to be the recommendation to (personal fee) to restore.


 There are probably hundreds of people who dread the same problem and an expensive repairFortunately, the process seems simple solution: the recalibration of your home button.
It seems amazing that with a pair of pressing the button you can solve problems, but in my case it really worked and 'm not the only one . 

 The procedure comes from a reaction to an earlier article by TIPb again recently and shared in this Github-Yeast .

  1. Open any application.
  2. Hold the on / off button until the red "Put out 'bar appears.
  3. Release the on / off button.
  4. Press the home button gently, until you return to the home screen with different app icons. It may be that you must do this a few times, but when you return.
  5. Your home button now works like new.

Apparently, the home button from everyday wear and be upset, but is not a hardware problem. If the above tip does not work, you can also have tried using voice dialing. If the home button after doing above tips still do not function properly, there is probably a mechanical failure and there is nothing else than a repairman to look forward.


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