The iPhone 4S incorporates an Apple A5 with two processor cores is serving. Additionally within the 2d era iPad  but with slightly higher clock rate. According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple new iPhone will  hit the market by Fall and will be integrated with a quad core processor, Samsung's "Exynos 4" based architecture are the changes compared to the current A5 or A5X series unlikely to be significant enough to use the name Apple A6.

Since  it started a number of manufacturers to develop techniques to block quad-core chips into smartphones. Several manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, LG and Meizu smartphones and tablets have been released with a quad-core processor, and industry sources expect that Apple will follow the competition not to lose sight. However, Apple has only a few months ago the iPhone released with a dual-core CPU, and the tablet still seems fine to go into battle with the competition.


The A5X the new iPad has only two cores, four graphics cores, however. In the next processor generation Apple will probably also put on four processor cores – and also buy the successor to the current iPads a quad core processor.

The assumption that Apple will build in a more powerful processor and is concentrated in an almost, whether this is called the Exynos 4, remains to be seen of course. 

Although the two superpowers are at loggerheads with each other seems, according to the latest posts or so on the Apple has placed an order with Samsung for the production of A6 quad-core processors that will be used in the new iPhoneThe new chipset will more or less based on the Exynos4 processor that Samsung uses its own smartphones.

Apple would be until the second half of this year to wait with the release of the new iPhone. The smartphone would be just in time for the holiday season (Christmas) in stores.

Another possibility is that a Qualcomm processor is to be used. They are in fact working on a quad-core chipset with integrated APQ8064A LTE radio and Adreno 320 GPU and all that on a 28 nm slab. The question is whether the use of a dual-core processor selling the new iPhone could harm?Performance-wise, the iPhone 4S still considered one of the best known, but it seems in our eyes, time for something new.



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