Boy Genius has got pictures of the hot-spot function, aka ICS with 5 devices, which will be offered on the Verizon network. Better, they argue that this feature will be available on all iPhones in the month of March and 3.4 iOS


However, that the operator must support the functionality, as now the case with tethering. As we reported yesterday, all Dutch operators do not support this. According to the source of BGR in March, the version that appears in iTunes version number F5148b '8 'wear and have a new baseband: 08/04/2000. This indicates possible that the update has finished and developers no longer receive beta versions.

At the personal hotspot feature lets you share data connection with five other devices such as laptops or phones. You have any personal devices such as a hotspot MiFi anymore. In the current tethering option for example AT & T offers, you may only another device via Bluetooth or USB are connected. When connecting via Wi-Fi runs on up to five.

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