iPhone iOS 5 Assistant “world-altering experience”: The largest Announcement of October 4th Apple Experience


The iPhone announcement nowadays appears in the beginning sight for brand spanking new gadgets to head. A brand new iPhone with higher specs and perhaps a price range version, we all know the trick via now. However, on October four can be a historical date: the technology of synthetic intelligence since the cellphone has arrived. The beginning of a revolution "World changing Event" That it is not just pie in the sky is clear from the interview 9to5mac had the co-founder of Siri, the company that Apple acquired 200 million. 


That acquisition had less to do with the search technology and speech recognition Siri, said Steve Jobs, but it was the artificial intelligence of the company.

Siri has a so-called Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) developed. It's a new way of interacting on the Internet. Instead of following links in search results, we a conversation. Currently, it sounds perhaps a little vague, but if Apple's marketing machine like crazy is left is a story that you feel. You tell the assistant what we do and there are several services and information for released. The VPA is personally used and your preferences and interaction history to determine what you want. Do not you ever for Mexican restaurants? Then you also are not presented. Gradually, the assistant continues to improve. He can not do everything, but can be
very specific tasks. 
Apple wanted a lot longer to develop an intelligent assistant, according to old movies.

Meanwhile, more blogs convinced that the real announcement tonight about hardware, but software does. Apple has a lot of confidence in Siri: two months after the company was founded, Apple has stood on the steps to purchase it for $ 200 million. In the interview with Siri-founder Norman Winarsky that the company is also quite high expectations. It will change the whole world:

Make no mistake: Apple's mainstream artificial intelligence in the form of a Virtual Personal Assistant is a groundbreaking event. I'd go so far as to say it is a world-changing event.

Now there are more AI applications devised, which are not always successful. The difference is that the technology really useful. Interaction through natural language comes within reach of millions. There is for us European users have a problem: speech recognition in English is one thing, but that does not mean that all European languages ​​are supported. Winarsky is not modest in his expectations:

The PAL (Personal Assistant software) will get things done, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. We're talking another technology revolution. A new computing paradigm shift.

A new computer revolution is coming …

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