iPhone iOS 5 Beta 8 coming Next Friday, iOS GM on September 23?


Two new rumors circulating now about Apple's new dates iOS instrument to be had. In line with Boy Genius Record has a " reliable source "said that Apple iOS 5 beta 8  will make its apparition  next Friday. The Golden Master, which features almost certain, then follows one week later on September 23.



Yesterday there was still a rumor , alleging that Apple is the definitive version of iOS in the week of May 23 to 30 September to send the production. They have the firmware for the devices to be installed, so that components can be packed and shipped iPhones. Apple's new iPhone, the course features the latest version of IOS, as happened in previous iPhones

BGR has so often predicted when new beta versions of IOS release, and while they have often had it right. Besides the provision for developers and ordinary users BGR also talks about the technical acceptance test for the operators to perform Oct. 5. Operators will advance even versions of IOS, so it functions like calling, texting and internet to try.

When all pieces are placed in a row, the timetable would Apple look like this one:

  • Friday, September 16: iOS 5 beta 8
  • Friday, September 23: 5 iOS GM
  • October 5 to 7: iOS launch
  • 7 to 14 October: launch of the iPhone 5

Whether the U.S. launch of the iPhone also coincides with an international rollout is still not clear.


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