iPhone Keyboard Maker Typo ordered to pay BlackBerry $860,000



Remember Typo case for the iPhone, which is added to the Apple smartphone a full physical keyboard. During its short history the creators of the cover had to face a lawsuit from the BlackBerry, which has successfully lost, but the story is not over.

The first version of the cover keyboard Typo was announced in December 2013. Enhancement was really original, if not for one feature – it is almost exactly copied the keyboard smartphone BlackBerry, which also has long been going through hard times.

Followed by a lawsuit from the Canadian producer and the prohibition of sales. Typo its creators successfully ignored and even launched Typo 2 for iPhone 5 / 5s and iPhone 6. The Court, of course, take into account the behavior of producers and creators of the controversial accessory ordered to pay the BlackBerry $ 860 thousand., Although the Canadians insisted on more impressive sum of $2.6 million.


It is difficult to say whether the startup will survive such a financial blow. Anyway, the verdict is still disputed, though the chances of success at the Typo extremely small. Even a cursory glance at the keyboard enough to remember the BlackBerry, so the current developments was predictable. [MacRumors]

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