After Cricket anounced they have been getting the pre-pais iPhone on June 22, it didn't take lengthy for Enhance Cellular to rumor about getting the Apple smartphone this September too. This can be a just right information for pay as you go customers to expertise the iPhone.

BoostMobile_iPhoneTechBuffalo Mark Heam got a tip about the prepaid carrier will get the iPhone 4 / 4S in the beginning of September

Cricket Wireless turned a few heads when it announced that it will be the first prepaid carrier in the U.S. to offer the iPhone. However, America's seventh largest wireless carrier will soon be joined by Boost Mobile, as a trusted source has advised that the prepaid carrier will introduce both the iPhone 4 and 4S in early September. It remains uncertain if the Sprint-powered MVNO will offer its popular $50 Month Unlimited plan with Shrinkage, which includes unlimited talk, text and web, which also rewards customers who pay their bill on time by reducing their monthly bill by $5 down to as low as $35 per month. 

No further information has been given about the iPhone pricing or prepaid plan on Boost Mobile. Since it is a Sprint Nextel  division, the prepiad iPhone might be a CDMA in order to word on the sprint network.

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