For the reason that statement that unlock the iPhone 4 unexpected delay has walked the iPhone Dev Team has been busy.

 Because the hackers deeper into the baseband (modem firmware) iPhone 4 had to dive to the problems of dependence on the SIM card to remedy, they come across new information about the NCK. The per unit unique NCK code is normally used to an iPhone via iTunes in the normal way to unlock, but could possibly be to brute forcing.



 According to the explorations of the hackers have now found that in essence it is a 40-bit code, that are much easier to brute force than would have hitherto been assumed. Besides the NCK also the NOR and SGOD chip ID is required, but both would be through existing hacks to find out.

The brute force of a code simply means that all options are tried until the right combination is found. A 40-bit code would be by computer users on their own soon to be brute forcing. Currently, it is still a hypothetical attack , but the source code of an earlier attempt to attack the concrete could potentially be reused. Should the hackers manage to unlock a base on the brute force of the NCK, then this produces the same results as with a regular unlock (ie a " factory unlocked "iPhone).


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