iPhone N90 Prototype With Unique Logo For Sale On Ebay


Are you loopy about Apple and wish to be a part of the corporate historical past? Then we recommend you to have a look on eBay. There may be certainly a uncommon iPhone four (N90AP) prototype that regarded on the public sale web site, you must have some cash've acquired in as a result of bidding begins at $four,500 and $10,000 for the public sale closes in an instant and also you the proud possessor.

In comparison with a brand new iPhone 4S is clearly no cut price you've been ready for, however who can now say that an iPhone prototype house is positioned. The variation would have a storage capability of 32GB and by no means ahead of viewed on the net. In step with the seller, the phone is still fully functional and does still have Apple test software "Switchboard".

“This iPhone is a functional representation of this design. This iPhone is not only unique in its hardware, but it’s running Apple’s software testing suite, called Switchboard, which is used to test the device’s functionality. Usually these prototypes are disabled by Apple, but this one is fully functional. All functions of the software seems to work.”


In the past several prototypes appeared on eBay, but most did not work anymore, because they were turned away by Apple.

In the ad description is wriiten that all the functions of the phone including all parts of the original iPhone, it was only the battery by Apple removed and replaced by the vendor.

On the images can also be seen that at the back Apple logo is not to be found, but that the word "Prototype" in typical Apple style logo is placed on the back is. The screws of the prototype are also in
another place, where they reached the iPhone 4 on the bottom, they are located next to the prototype SIM slot.


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