iPhone Nano to compete with more cost effective Android phones


We’ve been listening to rumors about an iPhone Nano for a while – even for the reason that iPhone was once originally launched in 2007 – but it surely appears now we could also be as regards to eventually seeing the lengthy awaited downsized iPhone to be launched. New data from China Instances signifies that the cellphone is also launched with the predicted iPhone 5 later this Summer season or Fall.

The smaller iPhone will compete against low-cost Android handsets, and could also represent an option for a traditionally sized iPhone if the iPhone 5 moves to a larger screen size as expected.

An iPhone Nano would definitely make sense, and may have sparked the rumors that Apple was moving to a miniaturized Apple connector, which has been used since the earlier iPods all the way up to the iPad charger. TheiPad 2 covers the lower end of the Apple tablet market, so there’s certainly a possibility for the iPhone Nano to serve in a similar role: an entry-level offering that introduces consumers to the Apple ecosystem for the first time or serves as a cheaper second phone for Mac fanatics.

If the iPhone Nano is real, we’ll expect to hear more information about it in the coming weeks and months, as Apple’s juggernaut rolls towards its next big release.


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