iPhone OS 3.1.3: Jailbreak, Unlock and downgrade options overview


The most recent iPhone firmware OS three.1.three offers extra ambagious and most often alarming confusion, I did downgraded and unlocked more than a few era with the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware:

Apple included an updated version BootRom 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone, which has brought street to the community as impossible jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. But everything comes and this would not be the exception.
Initially, in Cupertino seemed not taken seriously the issue of Jailbreak and was thought to be anecdotal and use only for advanced users. But the quality and quantity of utilities to perform the hack, and especially the ease of the process – you can do it with a single “click” GeoHot via Blackra1n – have opened doors to many users JailBreak previously remained oblivious to the supposed difficulty of the process.

It is the eternal struggle for control of its platform and against a bunch of characters who do not hesitate to challenge the giant apple. The ability to install applications, games and books presumably bypassing the box AppStore pica and much to Apple, which does not seem willing to make it easy and safe to continue to make all possible obstacles, especially now with the advent of iPad and given percentage of revenue that Apple and developers could lose if the Jailbreak iPad became very simple and familiar.

The truth is that the JailBreak is a real boon for users who want to make the most of your device. I speak not install paid apps without loosening the visa, are utilities like SBSettings, which allows access to common settings from anywhere with a light touch or WinterBoard, which leads customizing your iPhone to extraordinary levels, subjects, types font, groups of sounds, icons … Many we enjoy the longed multitasking in a while, thanks to a utility available in Cydia called Backgrounder, the list of options and upgrades is very long … In fact, in our opinion the iPhone Jailbreak is an infinitely more complete and powerful smartphone that without … So what will happen with the iPad miemso because most software and modifications available on Cydia, are already compatible with the iPad or will be with minor adjustments.

The exceptional Cydia, brings a new world of possibilities in a multitude of ways. Add connection AFP via SSH and even allows access to the heart of the system and make the changes that we crave. This access is the key that allows modification of the file “installd” to install .ipas “modified” and not pay for applications, utilities or games. But really, is not this the best of Jailbreak, are small logical utilities that Apple should have implemented or at least allowed via AppStore, which add real value to Cydia and Jailbreak.

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