A brand new upcoming Launch of a brand new version of iPhone 5 is coming soon: the AT&T will test the reception quality of a new prototype to avoid AntennagateThe output of the four iPhone was marred by the suspicion of a cell reception problems when the device is held in a certain way, and which had become the case of " Antennagate ", forcing Apple to ride an emergency press conference to give its views on the subject.


The diversion was not enough to defuse the suspicion of consumer organizations which, despite the qualities of the terminal, have chosen not to recommend it in their rankings. The new model of iPhone will be expected at the turn of this and the quality of receiving cell will probably be many comments. Circumvent the Antennagate Even if the terminal could be an evolution of the iPhone 4, we can expect that Apple has reworked its subject seriously and studied how to avoid potential inconvenience of the iPhone 4, which have not prevented from flowing to tens of million copies to date. Confirming indirectly upcoming launch of the new model iPhone (iPhone 5 or  4S, the debate is not settled), the site ChipHazard says  AT&T has pro
totypes in hand and is actively testing cellular connectivity.

It would be terminal from a first sample of production, if they meet expectations, as a basis for mass production. The new smartphone from Apple is expected to return, along with the availability of the platform and service iOS 5 icloud sync / remote storage in the clouds.

All the rumors agree to an output of the next iPhone in September, along with the availability of firmware and service iOS 5 icloud.

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