iPhone Sales in China Increased After Price Cuts

iphone xr

After recent price cuts of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in China, Apple is recording an improvement in sales.

Since Apple lowered prices of the new iPhones on January 10 in China, sales have increased daily, reported by the Chinese site Feng .

Apple’s strategy was very simple: lower the prices of iPhone for third-party distributors in China to allow retailers to sell smartphones at lower prices.

The biggest discounts affected the iPhone XR, which at the moment is the best-selling Apple smartphone in China among the three new models. To understand what discounts we’re talking about, now you can buy an iPhone XR at 6099 yuan roughly $899 at various third-party retailers, while on the Apple website the cost is 6499 yuan, convert around $958.

According to data shared by Feng, iPhone sales have increased by 76% in China since January 13, that is a few days after the activation of the discounts.

Apple has launched price cuts after seeing iPhone sales drop significantly in China during the last three months of 2018, leading to a very significant drop in revenue. The Cupertino company hopes that sales will increase during the Chinese New Year period.

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