iPhone SDK 3.2 Firmware goes Golden Master


SDK for iPhone OS three.2 for iPad involves go in Golden Grasp (GM), that’s to assert what is going to be the ultimate model of firmware three.2 for lettuce shelf.

Developers wishing to submit applications for iPad must now compile their applications with the new SDK.

The final license is included with the firmware 3.2 with the version number 7B367. This provides some interesting things:

The interim updates 3.xd 'iPad iPhone OS to be free (unlike the iPod Touch), and the major update to the firmware 4.x The updated iPhone OS for iPad will pay from the underpass to 5.x firmware

It seems clear that Apple wants to promote his best iPad in proposing the next updates its nomadic system free for some time. The update to the firmware 4.x is expected this summer, it leaves until summer 2011 for free updates firmware for the iPad.[via Engadget]


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