iPhone SE 2 To Feature 4.2-Inch Display, Report Says



Is it possible that the new iPhone X design remains exclusively and Apple leave it aside? Well, the answers seem clear as the company itself said that the design of its next models would be in line with these new iPhone X.

In this case what we have on the table is a render, so we can not pay too much attention to it, but with the passing of days and new rumors about presentations in March, many expect the iPhone SE 2 arrives, and above all, it arrives with a design similar to that of the iPhone X.

According a source from China, the second generation iPhone SE will be presented in June during WWDC 18 and will be launched a few weeks later. As for the specifications, we talk about an A10 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB and 64 GB storage options. The device should still integrate the Touch ID, leaving aside the sensor for face recognition. New for the display, which could be brought to 4.2-inch.

To think that what they did with the current iPhone SE, is to take advantage of the outside of the iPhone 5, 5S to put the internal hardware of the most powerful 6S, but in this case it is a render that shows practically an iPhone X with the new design and this is evident that would cost the same as the current model.

We will see if there is a new model of iPhone SE this year, and we’ll also see if they’re really going to put in a design like the iPhone X an internal hardware of another model.  With this “cheap” and updated device compared to the previous version, Apple should focus primarily on Asian markets. Obviously, it’s just a rumor.

(Source: qq.com [Google Translate])

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