iPhone SE Is Attracting More Android Switchers


iPhone SE Is Attracting More Android Switchers

The iPhone SE is going to be a great Apple blow out. What looked like a minor release can beenough to compete with rivals according to the latest sales data provided.

Following the announcement by the local vendors in China with more than 3.5M million units reserved only in Asian, these indicate that the appeal of the iPhone has for Android user is greater than one could think, greater than the pull he had in his day the iPhone 6s.

Slice Intelligence data show that iPhone is getting more switchers than previous models apple smartphone. Amazes me for several reasons: the latest iPhone on launch has been an iPhone 6s / 6s Plus has gone up to 2GB of RAM, and increased by 50% the number of megapixel main camera, multiplied by 4, the front chamber and features 3D Touch screen, while the iPhone has a design of 2013, the front camera is the same as the iPhone 5s and has come without 3D Touch.

According to preliminary data Slice Intelligence, the iPhone could help Apple gain a foothold in the iPhone user base. Only 35% of iPhone buyers had bought another iPhone in the last two years, while 16% were Android users. The iPhone 6s was purchased by 49% of users coming from another iPhone and 10% of the total changed an Android device that had purchased less than two years.

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Slice Intelligence adds a profile of buyers are choosing iPhone SE, compared to the generic iPhone buyer: would be a bit ‘bigger and with a greater presence of men. It turns out that are less with each other who have a university degree.

These data indicate that the iPhone SE is actually increasing the number of Apple users, because it contains a greater number of Android users, and a good chunk of those who have never had a smartphone or has not bought a phone in the last two years.


Slice Intelligence also provides other information such as that more than half of the buyers of an iPhone are between 45 and 54 years, while that age users who bought the other devices were only 18%. 77% of those who bought the new 4-inch model are men, which is also surprising when you consider the size of the hands of both sexes. In any case, Slice data only confirm that users gives us where we give and it is difficult to know what will happen in the future. (Source: Slice Intelligence)

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