iPhone SE Clone Already Available In China



Apple presented on March 21 event, will present a 9.7-inch iPad Pro and 4-inch iPhone that is currently expect to be called iPhone SE.Not even officially in the market, an iPhone SE clone appeared in China.  If anything the Chinese are famous for making copies that are yet to come or already in the market. This is the case of the iPhone, a device that already has “appeared” in Shenzhen, China.

Some stores   like Huaqiangbei market are selling what looks like an iPhone with the size of the iPhone 5s with iPhone 6s design. We can not say that is a very accurate copy, especially when we look at the bottom of the three devices together. IPhone SE Video has holes the Lightning port and larger, as outlined 3.5mm, something not seen in the original iPhone. Moreover, the glass of the screen does not seem rounded at the edges, which is known as 2.D Glass.

The Chinese device also seems thicker than the iPhone 6s, but it seems the optical effect resulting from having a larger frame to hide the absence of said glass 2.5 Glass. Finally, if you look at the color, the Chinese iPhone SE appears darker than the iPhone 6s Video.

Moreover, in the video we see at any time that it is an iPhone SE clone anytime is turned over. Chances are that, as usual, there a use of an Android Launcher that has an iOS 9 like-style, but not at all offer the same performance. In any case, those who have near one of these stores can now buy an iPhone 4-inch (almost) the design of an iPhone 6 / 6s.

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