iPhone SE Design Possibilities Compared in New Renderings



Lately, new leaks about the next-gen iPhone SE allowed us to picture the upcoming Apple smartphone to the current iPhone design renderings. These efforts to “visualize” this new iPhone, even before it is presented, are now supported in some renderings by Martin Hajek published on its website.

The first is based on the leaks included in 9to5macfriends by Marc Gurman, as we have been counting on DescubreApple it believes that the iPhone will be virtually identical to the iPhone 5s, except for having a slightly rounded edges, although without reaching the level iPhone 6. a second rendering would be based on information published by OnLeaks, which would result in an iPhone with more rounded edges, halfway between the iPhone 5s and 6. While the third of these renderings would be based on an iPhone SE as close as possible to an iPhone 6.

iphoneserenderingsstackedThe differences between these three interpretations of the final design of the iPhone can now see them with our own eyes in these renderings by Martin Hajek published on its website.

One aspect that is important to note, is that existing leaks so far do not give us complete information on the appearance of this new iPhone SE. For example, there is little information on the back of the device and if this is more or less similar to iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. So the actual appearance of the iPhone SE when presented may differ from these 3 renderings.

iphoneserenderingscomparisonSome leaks that said iPhone camera on the back of the device may protrude slightly, as happens in the iPhone 6. This is something that seems quite probable if we consider that is expected to use the same camera iPhone 6. the iPhone 6s being the camera protrudes 0.7mm thickness 7.1mm device. The thickness of the iPhone 5s is 7.6mm, so it seems possible that if the iPhone remains the same thickness as the iPhone 5s camera protrudes a few millimeters.

Hajek website includes a number of images with different perspectives of these renderings. If you want to see with your own eyes what could be the iPhone SE appearance before submission next March 21 feel free to take a look.(Via MacRumors)

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