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As expected, Apple yesterday introduced the iPhone SE, a device that could be confused with the iPhone 5s, went on sale in September 2013, but only for its design.

Overcome its image, the iPhone is a device to keep in mind for what it is, a phone with a 4-inch screen that has pretty much like the iPhone 6s, the highest device range Apple put on sale last September. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone SE.

We start with the obvious, what you see with the naked eye. The iPhone has the same design and dimensions reached by the iPhone 5s in 2013. This is a 4-inch screen, bevels with edges and a rear portion composed of metal in the central part and the top and bottom glass . Surely many see this better than the iPhone 6 / 6s and infamous bands for antennas rear.

Initially it was believed that would have the same design as the iPhone 6 / 6s, but it was not. They not even have changed the position of the sleep button, which makes sense when you consider that Apple moved its position in the larger models so that we could reach it with one hand.

A9 processor and  M9 co-processor

With what happened with the iPhone 5c, Apple did not want to make the same mistake and has launched its new 4-inch model with updated hardware. The iPhone 5c arrived with the same hardware (little better) than the iPhone 5 included a year earlier, prompting a barrage of well-deserved criticism. The iPhone has the same A9 processor and coprocessor same M9 is inside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Thanks to them, the new 4-inch model will be more long-lived than if using a processor that has been in business 18 months, A8 arrived in September 2014.

As for the RAM,  we know that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have 2GB of RAM but, as is usual in Apple products, had to wait until the first performance tests (benchmarks) were made and the subsequent eviscerate iFixit to be sure it. They have not passed or 24h of the presentation of the iPhone, and unless someone has done some test performance.

iphonese-processorThe truth is that it does not seem very good idea to launch an iPhone with 1GB of RAM in 2016, but the iPhone has some more discreet than the iPhone 6s specifications and RAM could be added to the list of cuts. If I had to bet, I’d bet that the new 4-inch model has the same RAM with larger models that were presented last September.


Another specification has improved and certainly one of the main attractions of the iPhone is its camera. The new iPhone “mini” comes with the same camera that mounts the iPhone 6s, with 12MP increasing in number by 50% compared to the iPhone’s camera 6. It has been found that it seems the iPhone 6 makes better pictures in low light, but the iPhone 6s and thus, the iPhone will draw finer details in any condition.

4k Video

As already mentioned, the iPhone SE has the same camera as the 6s it is because it is so. One of the novelties that arrived last September is the ability to record video in 4K quality and the iPhone SE can also record in that resolution. The downside is that the iPhone SE screen will not be able to reproduce that quality; the good news is that the videos will look great on any screen.

As the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE will be able to record slow motion video in 720p at 240 f / s and 1080p at 120 f / s.


Another point that is different from the iPhone 6s is your Touch ID. The latest models of what we now call “normal size” arrived with the second generation of hard coal sensor that was presented in September 2013, being faster and safer by detecting more details in the texture of the fingers than the previous generation . I I’ve had the iPhone 5s (in fact, I still have as telephone support) no I have never complained about their Touch ID, but it is true that fails more than the iPhone 6s.

The quality of the connections, the iPhone itself is at the same level as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, with LTE that can download at speeds of up to 300Mbps. And what’s even better is that all this will consume less power than the iPhone 6, which is very important if we take into account the limited size battery that is included in a 4-inch model.

Although Apple Pay has not yet reached many countries, it is always good news to know that we have the necessary hardware to use it. The iPhone has the same NFC chip having the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, so you can pay with the Apple mobile payment.

This was also something that was known. 3D Touch screen is one of the demands of the larger, more expensive models, so not included in the 4-inch model. It is also a way to maintain their price because, otherwise, the iPhone will come with a higher price.

This was expected to be the first iPhone without headphone port  but the iPhone 7 will be. The iPhone, like the iPhone 5s, does have a headphone port, which is good news for those who want to continue using headphones have been buying in recent years.


The iPhone SE can be pre-orders from March 24 and be released on  March 31. It will come in the same colors it is available in the iPhone 6s, which are Silver, Gold, Space Grey and pink gold. The starting price is $399 16GB model.

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