iPhone SE hit 3.5M preorders in China



China is a market where Apple is very stubborn, and welcome Chinese public reacts to favoritism by Apple. Thus, the latest reports indicate that the iPhone has received no less than 3.5 million bookings in the Asian giant, which begins to show good faith about the possible success of this great little phone from Apple.

There are few who rushed to criticize the size and design of the iPhone SE, however, more to the chagrin of many, the iPhone seems destined to be a success. Having seen, it seems that people do not have much damage as they say phones considered “small”, so, the iPhone has beaten a record, and do not talk about sales but price. It is the cheapest iPhone to date, and that certainly is an addition that makes it much more attractive if possible.

CBC has been the medium who reported these new numbers are sobering. Certainly do not know how this product will triumph in Europe, which I have rushed to book your model “rose gold” and that seems to keep many surprises. It has already been placed without hesitation as the four most powerful model of the moment, because its hardware is almost identical to the iPhone 6s, one of the most powerful devices in market theory. What is clear is that it will have nothing to do with the failure of the iPhone 5c, and the funny thing is that it is even cheaper.

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