iPhone SE Users Complain About Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Issues


iPhone SE Users Complain About Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Issues

Only few weeks on the market, early adopters who are enjoying the iPhone SE are seeking help via Apple support forums by claiming that they are having many issues when making or receiving calls through Bluetooth wireless devices. At the same time, the playback of music via Bluetooth succeed as usual clearly.

Many users say that the sound is distorted and sometimes unable to be able to hear when both devices are paired. Apparently this problem is only affecting telephone calls via Bluetooth and never affects reproduction of music. As usual, Apple has not commented about it.

Many users claim that while playing your favorite music through YouTube or application via Spotify or Apple Music, the sound is excellent as expected, but the opposite happens when we use a Bluetooth speaker to make calls wireless or when we connect our vehicle, where the sound begins to sound distorted and continuous cuts.

At first you might think that restoring the connection will solve the problem but nothing is further from reality. This problem remains. If we restore the network settings or change the SIM card the problem remains the same. Also, if we restore the device as if it came from the factory with the latest version of iOS, the problem persists. The problem is not the fault of any automaker, since in all vehicles that have tested these problems appear.

According MacRumos has been able to ascertain, the problem seems to affect the iPhone running iOS SE 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1 (plus the latest iOS 9.3.2 beta) regardless of capacity and operating model and has been detected in the United States, Australia , Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. According to MacRumors says, despite not having spoken about this iPhone SE issues, it  is currently the top priority for Apple. (Source: Apple Support Communities via MacRumors)

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