iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: What’s the difference


iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s

As we know, iPhone SE mounts double the RAM than its predecessor by 4-inch iPhone 5s. A new video by 9to5Mac highlighted the differences in the RAM while browsing and uploading of web pages, a very common scenario.

In the video in question you can see the two terminals to surf several web pages and test the installed RAM and move to the open tab. iPhone SE, thanks to 2GB of RAM, can move between tabs without the need to reload pages, as opposed to the iPhone 5s.

Obviously this is a story that is not surprising, according to the specifications of the two terminals which, though similar on the outside, are very different inside. iPhone SE fact integrates most of the components of the iPhone 6s, the most powerful Apple device currently on the market, and is separated from the iPhone 5s, which is now few years old.

Here is the video in question:

As can be seen from mid video forward on iPhone SE open Safari tabs remain in RAM memory, completely eliminating the waiting time when you open a web page previously viewed.

Even more important, then, to know that in this way it will be hard to miss important information contained within a Safari tab as more rarely perform sudden refresh. Of course, the 2GB of RAM will not allow to keep indefinitely in memory all Safari tabs, but certainly on the iPhone SE refresh phenomena will be less frequent than iPhone 5s.

The difference in the quantity of RAM, of course, is not the only difference between iPhone SE and iPhone 5s.

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