The day before today appeared, one day earlier than planned, the new Skyfire browser in the iPhone App Store. This browser has the important function that you take Flash videos to view. Videos are converted by an underlying server to HTML5 and H.264 so you can view on the iPhone.Yesterday disappeared app costing $2.99, however after several hours from the App Store. Developer Skyfire Labs announced it themselves have done, because they no longer fully satisfy demand.


"The first five hours after the application went live everything worked as planned, but then the pressure on the servers and bandwidth such that it at the expense of the video experience," reads the statement by Robert Oberhofer, one of the developers. Within five hours the application was therefore a priority in the list of top raised, "was the third best paid app in the whole and Skyfire was number 1 in the category 'services'.

Until the Skyfire server capacity and bandwidth to rebuild, and the demand requirements, there will be no new purchases are more accepted. "We work very hard to increase capacity and accept new purchases in the App Store as soon as we can support," said Oberhofer. It is still unclear when the application back into the App Store will appear. Once the application is available again, you hear that from us.


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