iPhone thief gets free phone from Apple Store


In Canada, it seems for a metamorphosis that’s price stealing. When the iPhone was once stolen via Scott Barkley, he did what somebody would do: he made ​​certain the SIM card and debit playing cards as fast as that you can imagine blocked. The thief used to be quickly found out that the iPhone is not connects to the phone and determined the Genius Bar at a neighborhood Apple retailer to consult with. There he was once then given a replacement , no questions asked.

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A few days after Barkley's iPhone was stolen, he received an email from the Apple Store.Because the iPhone is still in his name, he got a confirmation that he was made aware of a newly created appointment. He called the store to point out that the 'customer' in question had his iPhone stolen, but was told that Apple's policy is to not to interfere in such incidents. Police had to solve the case but.

A while later, Barkley called the police already engaged. The unit was ready to be sent for repair, because the store staff thought there was a technical problem with the device (which in fact was only blocked by the rightful owner). Ultimately, only Apple seems to have been harmed by the incident: Scott Barkley has no unpleasant consequences iPhone back, but the Apple Store does have a free unlocked iPhone given to a thief.

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