iPhone to double production in second half 2011


Analyst Craig Berger of Capital Markets has shed light on the production of Apple and that Apple expected this fall will break all records again.

He thinks the iPhone production in the second half of 2011 will nearly double to 58 million units.Growth will mainly be caused by in his mobile versions of the iPhone. The quarterly production will rise from 23.6 to 27.9 million units which is mainly caused by much higher production of the iPhone 4.

Which will account for 15.2 million units, which is 3.1 million more than previously thought. 5 of the iPhone will be 6.8 million units (and knowing Apple they will immediately be sold like hot cakes). Even the iPhone 3G there is still demand, as the phone for European and American operators an opportunity for an inexpensive device to offer, as opposed to the cheap Android phones. That was earlier today even though figures from the U.S. market: the iPhone 3G still shines proudlyin second place, as almost the best selling unit. Only 3 percent of the total production number will consist of CDMA phones.

In the fourth quarter, Apple will still produce around 30 million units, bringing the total for the second half leads to 58 million. Total purchases on production than 102 million units for calendar year 2011. Of approximately 95 million units will be sold.


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